McCahon Kauri

McCahon Kauri

Grown from Kauri seed from McCahon House.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trust has planted five 2017 limited edition McCahon Kauri trees on the sculpture trail. They are grown from kauri seed from McCahon House, French Bay, Titirangi. These heritage seeds were germinated by the Auckland Council Biosecurity and raised at Auckland Botanic Gardens.
Brick Bay are excited to present this collaborative project. By combining our resources we are able to exhibit a new generation of disease free kauri, raised from the seeds taken from the tops of the trees at Colin McCahon's French Bay home of the 1950's. There are over fifty paintings  including kauri in their title painted by McCahon whilst living out west.
Auckland Botanic Gardens are one of a few nurseries in the country that is industry certified and free of kauri dieback, having high nursery hygiene protocols accredited by the Nursery Industry Accreditation scheme, Australia.
Kauri dieback disease is the biggest challenge this species has faced since the days of logging and clearance of the early 19th and 20th centuries. Only a fragment of original kauri forest remains in the North Island, and this deadly disease is another threat to its survival.

Kauri Nui

Kua ngaro koe ki te po
Ko te kauri nui takoto.
Pipiwhrauroa, e tangi nei,
Rere pouri ki konei
Rere pouri ki konei

Kaikino te manawa
Kaikino te aroha
Kaikino te wairua
Aue, he aha ra,
Aue, he aha ra.

Tu tonu te mahara.

You are lost to the night
Oh great kauri lying there.
Shining cuckoo, crying now
Fly sadly here
Fly sadly here

How painful the heart
How painful the love
How painful the spirit.
Alas, so be it
Alas, so be it.

The memory lingers on.

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