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A Trio of Dibbles

A captivating selection of three small bronzes by Paul Dibble features in Shrunk at the moment, each quite different stylistically.
In Seasons of Change a figure leaps between falling leaves, searching for a safe secure place.
Portrait of a New Morning is peaceful, contemplative. The artist was inspired by a moving experience in a remote part of the Marlborough Sounds to create this piece. While rowing out on a small bay in the early evening through still, silver water and low hanging mist, the world seemed deathly quiet. Suddenly music burst out from a mystical location, reverberating around the natural geographical amphitheatre of the Sounds. An opera singer had moved into the area and some nights she would spontaneously sing to her surrounds.
Dancer Below, Pigeon Above comes from ‘The Dance’ series featuring acrobats, dancers, skulls and birds in a study of life, death, and the time which leads us between.

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