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As a species we are becoming disconnected from our planet, losing a sense of its timing, seasonal changes and function.

Brick Bay’s resident sculptor, Lawrence Sellers, is interested in the disconnection from global emissions and pollutants and the reconnection to nature.

Disconnect is based on a baby doll and not a real baby, so it is suggesting a play on disconnecting from the unreal and reconnecting to hyper reality. Sellers uses the baby as a symbolic form and metaphor for an age of innocence, purity, the circle of life and universal truths. As an artist Sellers strives to make a connection with the audience with his stylised realistic figurative approach, inspired by artists such as Ron Mueck. 

The technical process employed in the fabrication of this work is intensely laborious. First a clay baby is modelled, and then a plaster mould is made. Following that, a metal frame is covered with fibreglass and coated with numerous layers of lacquer. This work is dedicated to Sellers' late grandfather, who passed away whilst he was creating ‘Disconnect’.

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