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Guardian of the Lake?

A new work has just landed at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Gregor Kregar's 'Reflective Lullaby - The Thinker' Gnome.

Kregar takes an icon of popular culture and challenges the traditional meaning of his subject matter, turning the kitsch and humble garden gnome into the sublime and ridiculous.

Constructed from marine grade stainless steel and highly polished to a mirror like reflective surface, transforming the handpainted concrete cast gnome into a liquid mercurial Terminator from outer space.  He explores the suburban vernacular of the everyday in relation to its mystical and scientific history. Gnomes date back to medieval Europe where they were gatekeepers, watchers and guardians of sacred forests, minerals and metals.

The word 'gnome' originates from the Greek 'gnosis', which means 'knowledge'.

Artwork courtesy of the artist and Gow Langsford Gallery.

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