Ben Pearce

Things that Make Sense in the Daylight

Sandblasted wood, bronze, steel paint.
500mm X 290mm X 250mm

 Ben Pearce's artwork explores his personal memory and reconciles it with a recent and common 'ancestor' to us all, that being childhood.
Pearce is interested in making visible the quirks and the tragedies of our minds recording machinations, to materialise the emotional states that can cripple our bodies, and which often distort the way we record time and memory.
Pearce completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003, majoring in sculpture at Whanganui Quay School of Fine Arts and has exhibited regularly in New Zealand and Australia since. His work has featured in shows discussing sculpture in New Zealand at City Art Gallery, Suter Gallery and Whakatane Gallery. He has work held in numerous public and private collections.

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