Chiara Corbelletto


1150 x 1350 x 1200mm

$22,000 (unique)

'Bio.structure' is a form enclosing a space using a membrane of 18 identical components. A dynamic is created between the physical nature of the delimiting enclosure and the field of energy that is contained inside.

This sculpture is part of a body of work investigating the configurations achievable using the same component, according to a simple set of organising principles. The 'Bio.structure' series presents a multitude of options from random to super.symmetric aggregations.

This process emulates a principle in complexity sciences which states that a vast, complex organisation can emerge out of simplicity. The principle is at play in every part of the cosmos where a single unit has the intrinsic nature to replicate itself into a system.

Born in Italy, Corbelletto moved to New Zealand in 1981 and has developed her practice between both countries. She exhibits extensively, has collaborated on architectural projects and realised commissions for public sites. Described as poetical and compelling, her work is distinctive, exploring philosophic, scientific and artistic notions of space.

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