Chiara Corbelletto

Liquid Symmetry

Polypropylene, stainless steel fittings.
1300mm Diameter

P.O.A Commissions Available
This work is dedicated to celstial orbits, expressions of the cosmic intelligence that permeates space and time.

This suspended sculpture consists of two contrasting forms. An outer white shell with a cobalt blue molecular structure inside it. Both forms are generated by the same unitary component, replicated sixteen times for the white shell and thirteen times, at a  smaller scale, for the internal figure.

Chiara Corbelletto's work is poetical, sublime and compelling, a distinctive exploration of philosophical, scientific and artisitic notions.
Italian born and a graduate from both Fine Art School and Architecture School in Italy, Chiara Corbelletto is an established artist with an extensive record of exhibitions, sculptural installations, art integrated in architecture projects and public art commissions.

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