Jeff Thomson


Aluminium, galvanised steel and powder coating.
2000mm x 1800mm x 1600mm

In Jeff Thomson's new work, titled 'Detritus', he deconstructs vernacular metal objects. Thompson cuts out the bulk of the object with a plasma cutter, which he uses just like drawing with a pencil. This effect creates an intricate linear construction of outer and inner perimeters. Resulting in a positive, negative tension.

In this new work for Brick Bay, Thomson breaks new ground by stepping away from corrugated iron and using readymades, such as aluminium A-frame ladders, extension ladders, galvanised bins, number eight wire, paint buckets and wheelbarrows.

The sculptures stripped back semi-transparent forms are derived from the skeletal leaf structures that Thomson has found and collected along the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail over many years of his rich history exhibiting on the property.

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