Jim Wheeler

Regeneration Series: Kauri Newel Post

patinated bronze
1575 x 430 x 350mm

$10,300 (unique, version 1 of 6)

Artist Statement:

Fence and gate posts form a demarcation between nature and the humanised. Domestically and rurally New Zealand is built of cut, processed wood. The bush often ‘takes back’ by overgrowing outbuildings and fence lines usually through an owner’s abandonment or neglect. With Newel Post there is some magical realism at work where an industrially processed barrier is undergoing a metamorphosis into its former self.

Posts are potent symbols in New Zealand representing the conquering of Nature/Ownership/Colonization. A sprouting post is more than an enigma; it is a metaphor of the Power of Nature to overcome all obstacles. An image we humans should take to heart.

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