Johnny Turner

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Alpha - The Beginning

Black granite (India) Balmoral granite (Finland)
H.2380mm X W.615mm X D.720mm

 In John Turner's new sculpture titled: Alpha - The Beginning, the artist addresses issues and concepts based on the origins of life, the univese and time.
Light is highly referenced in many different culture's creation myths, in Maori mythology the primal couple Rangi and Papa appear in a creation myth explaining the origin of the world.
Ranginui and Papatuanuku are the primordial parents, the sky father and the earth mother who lie locked together in a tight embrace.
They have many children who are all male. They are forced to live in the cramped darkness between them.
These children grow and discuss what it would be like to live in the light.
In this work, Turner creates a fine 'slit', rising vertically skyward, emphasising the light coming out of the black abyss.

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