Lucy Bucknall

The Learning Maquette

Bronze edition 8/76
150mm X 170mm X 130mm

 British by birth, Lucy Bucknall attended art school in Birmingham and Bath, majoring in painting and sculpture. Since moving to New Zealand in 1998, Lucy Bucknall has also established a reputation for her trademark animals standing on hind legs imitating humankind in their demeanour and accessories.
In this work the parent monkey reads to its child, a universal image of personal nurturing, caring and education. This work is more powerful and pertinant in todays world, resonating in an age of mobile devices and digital screens, it is as important as ever to read to the youth of today. Bucknall highlights the importance of contact with an ambiguous underlying theme referencing religion, study, love and respect. Sharing the treasured experience of story telling is a memory that many of us are lucky enough to have.

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