Ray Haydon


Aluminium, automotive paint finish, basalt
H.2200mm x W.900mm x D.800mm

 Ray Haydon's art practise is a very intensive and hands on process, searching for the most pristine and elegant surface quality and elegant forms. When one enters his studio, it is a very well ordered and fine tuned environment, everything is in it's place and clearly labelled. This disciplined methodology enables him to focus on and create meticulous and finely tuned possibilities of infinite lines in motion. In 'Revolution' the biomorphic swirling head balances elegantly on a subtle curved vertical column, which is articulated and enables the whole sculpture to complete full 360 degree revolutions. The kinetic work has an amazing ability to harness the windload and then randomly expell the air. This seemingly random movement is mesmerising and far more captivating than an endless spinning cylce.

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