Sharonagh Montrose

In the Gloaming

Recycled Jarrah timbers, hot dip galvanised fixings, electrical sound equipment and motion sensors.

Price on application
 Gateways and journeys create an interactive work which generate sound passing through to the otherside and beyond.
This new work at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail evokes a sense of fey, of haunting like mist over shade, natural sounds that are local to the area, electronically altered to evoke temporal disjunction where the past meets the present.
That disjunction takes the form of a gate: a free standing, moss covered portal in a glade on the walkway beckons yet denies admission to the secrets of the wood. It is a tale of mystery and wonder. We approach along the walkway and pass through the gate, activating sounds that reverberate from a series of subterranean chambers deep below the earth, which crescendo and fade as the gate closes.
Montrose creates a gate that looks comfortable and familiar in its environemnt yet evokes a childhood mystery of gates that lead to secret, magical places and forbidden adventures, legends and myths. 

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