Terry Stringer

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1950mm x 700mm x 400mm

$25,000 (Unique)
In his art practice he continuously tests and blurs the line between the real and the illusory. Benediction stands over two metres in height and consists of a transfigured head on a triangular plinth with a stainless steel base plate. Stringer combines multiple elements such as the female form and a rose, moulding sensuous forms out of clay, blending the curves into elegantly flowing silhouettes and harmonious juxtapositions before casting them in bronze and applying soft waxy patina’s by hand. Five subjects occupy the same space. Parts of a face are also a hand giving a blessing. A reclining woman is the shape of a fish. Benediction is several sculptures intercut together, enjoying an abundance of good things.
When Stringer was young he would stare at sepia photographs of classical art in an encyclopaedia and this is the past that his sculpture remembers. Stringer says “We are all made whole out of the parts of our childhoods, I seek to tell my story in fragments”.
The title is based around the concept of divine help, blessing and guidance.

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